Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Zoo etc (Monsoon Special)

Our Visit to the Zoo on 10th July, 2012 between 4-5pm
First Time I ever been here was during my school time.
Today, it was raining almost all day, could not see things much. 
Some animals were inside their den (taking shelter from rain)
But we enjoyed the nature's walk, the rain, the flowing streams etc
Did not visit the garden.

It's not really a Zoo but a mini zoo.
You don't see here Lions, Giraffes, Camels, elephants, Hippo,
Chimps, Zebra, Rhino etc etc

However, there is a lot for the  nature's lovers like me.
We really enjoyed our monsoon visit to the Zoo (Sanctuary)

Of all the animals in the zoo, I like the King Cobra the most.
Never seen such a long, fat and hooded snake.

We were 4 with a car. We paid total of 190
i.e. Rs.20 per head entry, Car 75 and Still camera 30 (Video Cemara more 150 I think)
Total comes to 185 but he said 190. we gave 200 and he returned 10.
Ticket Total shows 185

The Gate - Ticket counter etc

Code of the forest

Walking with the nature
Streams, Road etc

Gate 4 – Zoo

 Visiting hours and weekly closure

Fish for sale – Visonn, Pamplitt,

 Zoo Circuit board

All the animals in the zoo fal le lo

I am tiger

 little deer

Balu the dancing bear
Porcupine (Sall)

 civet Cat

Indian Bison

King Cobra (hooded)

Water Snake



Gate 1 – From the Main Road


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