Friday, 12 July 2013

Ambheghat waterfall, Canacona Goa

Ambeghat or Bamonbudo
Wanted to visit the falls for the last 3 years, we managed it today 11th July, 2013.
We almost lost while coming back home for we took different route, the same road ahead.

It about 88kms from Panaji or 55kms from Margao or about 19kms from Char Roste / Palolem beach Road.  It about 14 kms from the Main NH17 Road to Karwar.
Take Road to Gaondongrim - Neturlim, you will see the Forest Check Post Gate at the start of the road.
Go straight for about 14kms (do not turn right) until you find the waterfall on the road towards the left. Little further, there is another smaller one as seen in the pic and Video.

Someone told us there is yet another one further way.. We followed the road only to find no other waterfalls. It was just like any other Ghats with turns, steep upward and downward slopes. We were finally into Sanguem Taluka where we spotted Budbudyanchi talli  (been here before) and its Temple Gopinath Devasthan, Netravali Sanguem (photos video blog see end). We then took Rivona Road (I did not know Rivona is so big) then via Zambaulim (Shigmo) then Tilamol - Quepem Road, Paroda, Sao Jose de Areal, MES Camp, Margao..
We must have crossed 200 kms up and down. We enjoyed the trip through forest and green fields.

This Ambheghat or Bamonnbuddo (A bamonn got drowned hence bamonnbuddo) waterfall is just like Amboli or Chorla ghat waterfalls.
I mean, they are seasonal say Mid June till Sept. or during Monsoon only.

Never heard of Ambheaghat-fall except for last 3-4 years and it is becoming popular year after years.
Even people from neighbouring  district of Kawar in Karnataka visit here including politicians.

I would say, not suitable for family picnics because the area is remote and isolated or not frequented by vehicles. Also, there are news reports that some men picnickers creating nuisance here, often ends up in fights, parking on the road, garbage empty bottles, drinking and dancing nude etc
There were plans to ban picnickers here sometime ago by the local Panchayat.
You may not get Cell phone network coverage here.

Ok here are some pics

Ambhegat Waterfall

See the two / Twin tree standing (trade mark)

Flowing under the bridge / road

Some picnickers squatted on the main road

Forest view opposite

Another fall close by, same road / Side


for buddbyddyanchi tali (bubbling pond) , check here
buddbudde, budbude, budbudeamchi tali, talli, tolli, toil, budbudeanchi, buddbuddyamchi etc

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