Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Feast of Mount Carmel, Carmelite Monastery, Margao

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel celebrated today 16th July, 2013.
Feast Mass at 5pm.  About 25 priests concelebrated Mass.
Main Celebrant was Fr. Francis Carvalho, Superior General of the Pilar society.

Parish Priest of Grace Church Fr. Carmo Martins with Fr. Michael,
Parish Priest of St. Seabatian Church Fr. Ligorino Da Cost and  Fr. John, 
Fr. Nelson, Fr. Cyril, Fr. Simon Rego, Fr. Benjamin and others

Believe me or not, I really thought Bentina (scapulars) is a tradition of Goa only, being originated from Goa (As in Colva Fama Holy Chords also known as Betina).
Infact, Scapular dates back to  13th Century   where Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared to a Priest of Carmelite order (now St. Simon Stock)  on 16th July 1251 and gave him the Brown Scapular. Hence, the feast is celebrated on 16th July every year.

 My bentin did have a picture of Carm(i) Saibinn though and I now (Today)  know the reason why.

Earlier, Bentin means Carmi Saibinn.  Later on we also saw Pictures of St. Francis Xavier etc. There were two types of Betina – One plain dark thick brown (no Picture) and the other with plastic coated picture, chord or thread being comparatively thinner, these lasted for shorter period than the plain one.

I remember, we even had Carmi Saibinn Statue in our Olotor and during litany etc we did sing an orasao or hymn in Her honour.
Ok, here are some of the pics taken on the feast day.

The Carmelite Monastery ,
Martin Dias Road
(Cine Vishant Road)
Aquem Margao (near Apollo Hospital)

Facade / Tower


with two bells

Our Lady of Mount Carmel



Feast Mass 5pm 16.7.13



 Main Celebrant - Fr. Francis Carvalho, Superior General of the Pilar society


The Mass - Raising of the Host

A couple standing tall

 Feast Choir

Parish Priest ?

distribution of Bentina  scapulars

Bentin or bentina (imported from Spain ?)

Video 1 (Feast Choir Special, Hymn of O/L of Mount Carmel)

Video 2 (Main)

Pics in Herald

Pics in Navhind Times

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