Thursday, 5 April 2007

A Short tour to Vasco City (Vasco da Gama (GOA) - Pics & Video clip

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Rly. Station: Vasco da Gama
South Central Railways connection to Delhi, Bangalore, Madras, Calcutta etc besides local trains to Chandor, Sanvordem , Kollem, Kullem, Dudsagar Falls etc (all via Margao Rly Stn.).
Road straight opp to Rly stn is the Municipality (same building is the post office), Court,
KTC shuttle service to Panjim/Margao fare around Rs.20, city bus stand, Fish/Vegetable/fruits Market, fishing jetty, Cruise terminal (View only)
Kariawado beach, pay toilets etc
Opp. Rly Stn. to the first road left- (Swantantra Path Road)Govt. Tourist Hostel (Vasco Residency/Goa Tourism), further same road Shree Damodar Temple where famous Vasco Saptah takes place in August,

further away at the junction to the left, comes the St. Andrew Church

then the School, followed by St. Joseph Institute, then comes Vasco Stadium (Tilak Maidan) and same road little further, a little most dirty and stinking beach of Goa (kariawado). Other suitable name for the beach would be 'Sondas' beach.
Back to the main road Stadium (FL Gomes Road), there is Cinema House ‘Shivam’ dolby/ Air-conditioned, just opp to it is Auto Service (Joshi Building) where I purchased my first Bajaj Chetak Scooter under Foreign Exchange booking. Same building housed the MES College where I studied up to the last year, top scholars like Thalmann Pereira was a student here and Prof. M.S. Kamat the Principal (now retired, whom I met at Taj Holiday Village dinner hosted by CM for GGC delegates), I remember the head clerk Mr. Karangate (a bit hot tempered) and also remember Prof. Melita Coreia from Cansaulim and another lady professor Sarojini (Economics), the Prof. Mrs. Clara Rocha (English), Prof. Mahale, Prof. Abdul Raf Aga, another Hindu lady French professor we used to call her 'Tayi'. The college was then shifted to its news premises at Chicalim/Dabolim now under Goa university earlier it was affiliated to Bombay University.
Then comes Our Lady of Guia Building one of the oldest buildings where tax and RTO offices etc are located, besides T corner etc. On the top of the building there is a huge statue of OL of Guia.

Now you are back to Opp. Rly Stn or near Municipality or Court building. At cross roads, to the left, city buses then KTC shuttle bus stand. Very next to it is the Market where Fruits/vegetable and fish is sold. One can buy Mangoes, bananas, Cashew, Bibe, Papaya, Water melons etc etc.

Fish like Prawns, Sardines, mackerel, Pomprets, Squids etc etc
(at cross roads straight ahead (not included) Police station, MPT/Harbour, Baina Beach
etc)  Most of the above included in the short Tour to Vasco city Video.
Besides, one can also see Bank of India, CMM, Apna Bazar, Salgaocars house, Rajani, Hotel Gladstone, Kamaxi lodge, Hiralal & co, Rly bridge (Mongor Hill), Purvozancho Furis (Holy Cross, Kariawado near beach), Hindu Crematorium etc

Watch the video 'a short tour to Vasco City'


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lui- said...


Nice descriptive tour of Vasco. You might have added for old time sake,tour around Baina, Mangor, approaches to Murmugoa Harbours, Vasco Police Station, IOC tank farm, etc.

Keep up the good work together with photographs which add value to your reports/views, etc

JoeGoaUk said...

Thanks Lui,
I wanted to add Baina beach and red light area (now razed), I do have the footage but because of the time and size limit on Youtube etc, had to keep the clip less than 10 minutes duration (fyi, about 9.5 mints clip takes about 4.5hrs to upload (if successfull) and several failed attempts mean sometimes a whole day.
May be one day I bring this out in part II.

Thanks once again.

Goenkar said...

I have not been to Vasco, so it was a chance to see some pictures from you. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have learnt a lot about Vasco.

Anonymous said...

I am from vasco it is really beautiful i have spent my 20 years of life in vasco.The pictures are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe...lived in Goa (Vasco) from 1972-1992...your blog brought back many memories...

Went to MES too...the French teacher was Mrs. Raikar!

Sridhar Balasubramanian

Denali said...

Interesting to know.

Poonam said...

Vasco Da Gama has the Mormugao harbor, one of the India's natural harbor, at one end and the Dabolim airport at the other end. A small and a beautiful city is worth visiting on your Goa tour. You can check out many places to visit in Vasco Da Gama.