Monday, 18 June 2007

Margao Quiz: (with answers)

Answers to...
Margao Quiz:

1. Margao is ..
a. Capital of Goa
b. Commercial capital of Goa
c.. Capital of Salcette
d. None of the above
Ans: b & c

PIC: New Stadium
2. This is one of the oldest Cinema Houses. Can you name at least 2 others?

Ans: Cine Metropole, Cine Vishant

PIC: This one new OSIA Cinema house with two screens

3. Here is one of the Margao Churches, please name the other/s?

Ans: Grace Chruch, Carmelite Church

4. Presently Tiatr tickets are available at booking counter at Gomant Vidaya Niketan, where was it available earlier?
a. Post Office
b. Longuinhos
c. Amu Pharmacy
d. House of Pinga
e. None of the above
Ans: c & d

5. Where is Abade Faria Road located?
Ans: In between Vidya Neiketan building and head Post Office
One way to old market or new Bus Stand

PIC: Margao Cheurisam
6. Watch these 2 lovely horses.
Where they are available (for rent, ride etc)?

Ans. Margao Municipal Garden (near old bus stand, SBI , opp. Grace Chruch etc)

7. Name any one of the oldest business houses.
(You can also add old pharmacy etc)

PIC:Margao Gandhi market
Ans: Timblo, Caro, Salcette Phamacy, etc
10. There was/is a spot in Margao which is/was famous for ‘Snake Charmers’
What is that spot called?
Ans: 'Pimpall kata' or Pimpllakode

11. I remember TG Borkar where we used to buy our school/college books.
Can you name the other (not the newest one please)?
Ans: Sambari (Old Station Road after Bombay Cafe)

12. Maria Luiza Cafeteria is/was popularly known as what other name?
Ans: Marliz

13. What is this ? Where is this?
It looks like a bridge over river Sal, is it?

Ans: It's Sky bus route, opp. Rly. Station Margao.

14. True or False ?
Margao now has....New Bus stand, New Fish Market, New Stadium, New Railway Station, New Police Station & New Hospital
Ans: False (No new Hospital yet)

15. Late Afred Rose the Melody King, mentioned a popular restaurant/Hotel in one of his love songs, can you name it (Restaurant/Hotel)?
Ans: La Marina Hotel (Song: Celina)

16. Loyola High School is for boys only, can you name at least 2 Girls only high Schools?
Ans: Fatima, Presentation

17. What is this? Where is this
It looks like a Portuguese board
I can only read the date ‘25th Dec. 1959’

Ans: That's again, Margao Municipal Garden (for children, opp Head Post office)

18. What is this?
This was in the news recently? What for?

Ans: That's Ana Fonta Spring. Near BPS or old Metropole cinema.
It ws in the news because of its newly installed Dancing fountain..

19. The new Chief Minister of Goa, June 2007 (Digambar Kamat) hailing from ...
a. Margao
b. Fatorda
c. Navelim
d. Lotoulim
Ans: Margao

20. Complete the following 'Dulpod' by adding a line or two.
Tinga ek cheddum nachota, cheddu nachota orxen korun benddo
Teka ek paklo choita, paklo choita burkam galun tonddo
Paklea teka choinakare, choinakare..

For another song on Margao and for more clues you may also watch this clip


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Thank you, Joe, for your Blog and answers on Margao. I have learnt a lot from this Quiz.

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