Monday, 21 March 2011

Panjim Carnival 2011 Extra (uncut footage)

Carnival not over yet?

Not with JoeGoaUk, I suppose..
But, hey, many of you asked for it

So, here it is by popular demand – Uncut footage

Some retrieved ‘Zuvemkar’ footage also included which includes
Kusvar items like Fole, Pudde, Neurio, Bolina, bol, dos, cross buns,
bebic, Patolli or patoyi etc all these made in Jua or Zuvem (in two parts)
Besdies, other unseen footage,
Kunbi dancing on Western beats, foreigners and Ghanti
dancing soka dance, Kharvi dance, Dhangar Danace,
Divar or Diwar Bonderam, Goan 2 legged 101 Dalmatians
Render Dance x 2, with little toddy tappers aves dudnnem,
kati, gop’pe, damnne etc
Boilam Zot, xet, xetkamti, chorou, pez, pollgo, doulo etc

Mapusa Lillyputs, Traditional Goan Tintto (Market place for fish etc)

Tito’s party animals like Giraffe, deer, Zebra, tiger, lion etc dancing
to the DJ music of DJ Gorilla

Junk Cars rally, jokers
Goan dancing beauties and foreign dancing babes
Dona Paula, Buttlerfly, flowers, King Momo and his entourage,
dragons, Sheddo /Lizard, Grasshopper, spider, swan or goose, tiger etc
Goa Heaven for Pirates
Somali Pirates
Save wildlife
GRA or Goemche Rakhonddkarancho Awaz
Goa is bleeding
Look what you done to mother Earth?
Etc etc etc
Panjim Carnival Floats parade (2011)

Actually, this was meant for another channel but there it was
rejected saying it’s too short :-)
It’s only about 2727 seconds

thank you.

PS: if you have not seen the pics yet. check it out here

Next year, you may not get all these..
Because there will be no time for all this
as JoeGoaUk planning his own group or tableau on
' Intruz of yester years' will include Rupnnea mone,
mixeamche, haddache etc
Carnaval khell - Bhatkar, Konknno, Deuchar, Mauxi,
bottmama or balla
Cheddvamcher pou, udok etc etc
(Evethinging original except females artificial)

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