Sunday, 11 September 2011

Feast of Our Lady of Hope, Chinchinim

Video (1 & 2 see in the end)

Chinchinim Church (1590)

Our Lady of Hope
Nossa Senhora da Esperanca
Borvonxeache Saibinn, mag amche pasun.

Today, 11th September 2011

Happy Feast to you all.

Here are some pics

Pursanv or Feast Procession

Church decorations etc

Our Lady of Hope

Festa lok, Irmao, opmus etc
Feast Choir


Band or festa Muzg
Flower girls

Festa Feri – Khajem

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Video - Slides

video link
Video (2)

Vidoe link 
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Feast pics in Herald dtd 15.9.11

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Anonymous said...

O its soo good to see fr romeo and also good to see new face...though yes its great to see uncles ramage...Good thing that a zefnad male and female singer are not there ...they used to spoil the whole choir