Monday, 31 October 2011

The 17th Century Chapel of Our Lady of TODO O BEM, Verem, Goa

Believe me or not,  every time I saw that sign board (on Betim-Verem Road), I said to myself ‘I must visit the Chapel soon’ but it took me about 5 years to actually visit the beautiful 17th Century Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Todo-o-Ben (All that is Good).

Although, it says built in late 1700s, it looks lot older than that as if built in1600s

The chapel has characteristics like that of a Church.

It has ‘Malloy’ (Choir upstairs), pulpit and sacristy too.

Main altar is of fully carved wood ( reminds me of the chapel at Maquinez Palace)  

The chapel facade niche holds two large statues of saints on both sides (One St. Francis de Assisi?–see pic)

The chapel is recently (1998) renovated/Restored with the help of the villagers and Fundação Oriente

Currently it is maintained with whatever received in the donation Box provided for the purpose.

Looks like it was once, located at the Mandovi river bank now there are houses/road infront.

There is also a large abandoned Portuguese house nearby.

The river view pics included in this 1.5 mins clip.

or  watch it big

How to get here:
After disembarking the Panjim-Betim Ferry, take road towards left to Verem/Candolim
Just before Verem junction, you will see a sign board ‘XVII Century Chapel’ (see pic /Clip) take inside road as directed and the Chapel is about 150mtrs from here (Main road)

The house in front (Gonsalves) holds the keys and he will show you around, make sure you put something in the donation box or else you will be reminded.

Also, understand there is a monthly Mass service on every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6pm.
The chapel worth visiting

Some pics

Wood Carved Altar
more inside pics, pl watch the clip
Video (Photos)

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