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A musical tribute to Chris Perry and Alfred Rose

A beautiful Konkani Musical show presented by A Ferns Music to pay tribute to  Goa's great music legends - Chris Perry and Alfred Rose

Chris Perry and Alfred Rose – A musical Tribute

What a show it was!
A fitting tribute to Goa’s two great Music Legends -
Chris Perry and the Melody King Alfred Rose.

Thanks to A Ferns Music (Agustine Fernandes, the producer of this show). 

It started with little Deeksha who sang so beautifully and with confidence the popular Rita Rose song –  ‘Tin Kallzam' then again ‘Gagreachem Mana' (Rita Rose).

 Then comes a Melody Princess – Nephie Rod with sweet voice. This is the first time I watched Nephie singing Live, although I heard or read about her a lot in the past. I always wanted to meet this young lady even if I had to go to Bombay to watch her singing live.  (..and I even said that on Facebook)  and within weeks time, there she is performing Live in Goa  at Kala Academy.  Her first song ‘ANKVARPONN’  (Chris Perry/Lorna) nearly 8 minutes long, sung so beautifully that it really made my day.
Other songs were ‘Sorga Rajeant’, ‘Calangute’, ‘Red Rose’, ‘Pisso’ besides, a duet with Minino Mario 'Goem Euchinam'(Alfred Rose/Rita Rose).

There comes O’Luv  - Goa’s Pop Sensation.
Finally, I met this young guy at Panjim show. Heard or read a lot about him too but never seen performing live.  Yes, Olavo did rock the show and I am sure he can do even lot more better than that  (Rocking potentials,  I mean) as he is young and energetic. He says Chris Perry was his Guru and sung mostly Chris Perry’s songs some of which we never heard before. Poilo Kiss, Amig, O Goa, Carolina (Portuguese), Rock Rock, Cucurucu etc

 Then  there was a young Hindu duo – Rituja and Siddesh who sung a duet of Alfred Rose/Krishna Kalle/Luiza – 'Vokol Koxi Dista Ayi (Logn Zatam)- which reminded me the time I used to spend infront of Akashwani (All India Radio, Panjim).

Elvis and his brother Francis Marcarenhas sang Alfy’s song ‘Apreciacao’ or ‘Vakanni’ the song we never heard of before. It was a lovely song.
Elvis again sung very beautifully 'Fottoun Gelem'  (Alfred Rose)

A Ferns or Agustine Fernandes, the producer of the show himself sang a Alfred Rose song ‘Kochreache Dobeant’.
I must mention here that Mr. Agustine is a physically handicapped person with both his legs affected by Polio since birth. He uses his hands to walk (legs are not even touching the ground - sorry if I shouldn't have mentioned this here) something I never seen before, yet very energetic in the field of Music which, I am sure,  made him to come out with this beautiful show. He has his own Music Academy where he trains others on Keyboards etc. Infact,  young Caine who handled the show almost single handedly is  his one of the trained students. Agustine also produced an Audio CD entitled “Baby, You’re My love” under the banner of A Ferns Music, artistes include Sudesh Bhosle, Sadhana Sargam, Olavo Rodriguez (O’luv) etc. He also sang in the album.

 Other artistes who sang in the show..

Young Sharon sang ‘Kalliz Ostorechem’ (Rita Rose), Minino Mario ‘Pornem Volter' (Alfred Rose), George Gonsalves ‘Gozali’ (Alfred Rose),  Bushan & Lajja ‘Zolmacho Gaun Goa’ (jivit Goenkaramchem) and ‘Fottkire Agent’ (Alfred Rose/Rita Rose), Elick ‘Sukh ailem lotton’ (Alfred Rose/Boglantt), Clarissa d/o  Anthony San beautifully sang ‘Bhuerantlo Munis’ (Asha Bhosle).

 Young 13 year old Caine provided music to most of the songs on his Keyboards as said, he is trained by A Ferns.

Where as for Olavo and Nephie Rod, Live Music provided by Joaquim d’Souza (Calrinet/Sax), Victor on Guitar, Mark on Bass, Sancho on Keyboards and Carlos on Drums.

In-between, there were some comedy skits provided by
Com. Ambe, Aurelio and Master Win s/o of Minino Mario

It was a memorable evening with good selection of artistes and musicians who performed to the satisfactions of all.

Sadly, I am told that the show did not get any govt support nor any politicians sponsorships.

Hats off to Mr. Agustne, the show was excellent and will be remembered in the years to come.

Those of you who missed it, pl watch the short video clippings and Pictures.
some pics

Nephie Rod

A Ferns (Agostine Fernandes –The producer of the show)

Elvis Mascarenhas

Young  Deeksha

another young one

Young Caine (13) on Keyboards – Trained by A ferns Music

Bushan & Lajja

Elvis and Francis (brothers)

Comedy by Com Ambe, Aurelio and Mater Win

Elick –  Music writer/composer

Rituja and Siddesh


The artistes

Video 1 - Nephie Rod

Video 2 - O'Luv

Video 3  (all)

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