Friday, 29 June 2012

Candolim Sangodd 2012

Orda Candolim, 29th June 2012

So. what's SANGODD?
Two or more Canoe /Boats joined together to form a larger boat 'sangodd' a chapel like structure erected and a stage to perform on it.  Various locals and other professional cantorists sing songs onboard the Sangodd.
The sangodd sails from one station to another (traditional halting points).
Onboard, they chant 'Viva Sam Pedr(u)' (Viva St. Peter).
St. Peter being fisherman himself, is regarded as patron Saint of Fishermen's folk.
Today, the 29th June is St. Peter's Feast, so traditionally, the locals celebrated SANGODD on this day.
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(More pics and video from prev. years see link in the end)
Happy Feast of Sam Pedr
Singing onboard SANGODD

Peter _ Roshan

Anil Pednekar and Alexinho de Morjim

Benzer  s/o Peter-Roshan

M Rod


Pele and Damiao


 crowd in the rain (with umbrellas)

Some of the sigers are: until 6pm
Lawry Travasso, Peter-Roshan, Com Bryan, Benzer, Saby Dias, Anil Pednekar, aleixinho de Morjim, Myfanwy, Pele, M Rod, Gloan

Music by Agnelo Dias with Carlos Gonsalves, Xavier (Drums Paklo), Nigel (Keyboard), Minguel (Sax), Amaro (Bass)


Saby Dias
the chapel onboard (St. Peter's Statue)

singing onboard

Com Brian
Kolaveri di



a chapel in the Sky (Rain clouds)

the Main Orda Chapel
Inside of the Chapel
A well outside of the Chapel

video 1 (Kolaveri by Com Brian)

Video 2 (Lawry Travasso, Peter-Roshan, Com Bryan, Benzer, Saby Dias, Anil Pednekar, Aleixinho de Morjim, Myfanwy, Pele, M Rod, Gloan..)

Video 3 (smart little Myfanwy)

Previous years SANGODD Pics, videos etc (Year 2011, 2009, 2008, 2006)
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