Sunday, 3 February 2013

Feast of St. Braz at Gandaulim, Goa

Feast of St. Blaise (Sam Braz)

First time I ever heard about this little village, I think, it was last year., ever since I wanted to visit here to see the church etc.

This morning, when I read news about the feast being celebrated today, we made on the spot decision and left home at 10.15am (Feast mass was at 9.45am), we arrived at around 11am (took about 10 minutes at KR level crossing /Gate)
Main Celebrant of the feast mass was Fr.  Jose Remedios Fernandes, along with the Parish Priest Fr. Lino De Sa and others

It is a small church but celebrating 450 years of its foundation this year.
It was a chapel (1541) elevated to Church status in 1563
Feast of St. Blaise (Sam Bras) celebrated today 3.2.2013
Gandaulim Church ( about 4 Kms from Old Goa)
Towards Cumbarjua ferry


Some Pics

The Church (1563)

church square, gate, Cross etc

Inside Church

Main altar




Red Comfrad . op mus


Statue of St. Bras

Brass band

 Kaddio – Boddio

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

Celebrating 450 years 1563 – 2013

Holy Pictures of Sam Braz
With Hymns

Video 1  (Feast, Procession, Band etc)

Video 2 (Hymns of Sao Braz / Orasanvam)


Cruz said...

Boas festas..bab JoeGoaUk and all Parishioners of Gandaulim Village.

Anonymous said...

Boa Fest tumkam sogleank