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Traditional Sangodd 2013 at Assolna and Orda, Candolim

 Today, 29th June being the feast of St. Peter (Sam Pedro), the Patron Saint of the Fisher folks, some villages celebrate their traditional 'Sangodd' on the occasion.
Two or more canoe boats bound together to form a 'Sangodd'
A floating stage or platform to perform (singing etc), jumping into the river or the creek etc
The mobile floating stage or sangodd with fisher folk onboard will move from one place to another making stops at their traditional points or stations
Sangodd celebrations usually starts after 2.30pm and it will go on until dark.
This is the first time I have been to Assolna Sangodd.
Traditionally, there are 3 Sangodd groups here.
One from the 'Tari vaddo or Passagem' (near the church), second one fron Kolea Vaddo (from near the new upcoming Cavelossim-Assolna bridge) and the third is Ambelim Sangodd. All come upto the Assolna Church which is also their Turning point. 
I saw the Church Asst. Priest blessing the Sangodd, fishing net etc with prayers and hymns.
Fishery Minister Avertano Furtado and Local MLA Benjamin D'Silva also briefly seen onboard the Sangodd (Passagem).
Local Sports and Cultural Club organised it in association with Directorate of Art and Culture, Govt. of Goa.
Here are some pics (for Candolim Orda Sangodd pics, see at the end)

Sangodd at Assolna
29th June 2013

Viva Sangodd


Two sangodds

Jumping into the water (River Sal)

Minister Avertano Furtado and Local MLA Benjamin D’Silva
Drinking onboard

Making of a sangodd (10 conoe boats)

This was to Passagen Sangodd

 A Holy Cross Chapel of Passagem

Celebrations in association with Directorate of Art and Culture

Kids onboard – Special kid’s round

Blessing by the Priest (Padr Kur)

This is at Colea Vaddo (near new bridge)

Their Sangodd – New bridge in the background

 Shooting Star Sports Club, Colea Vaddo

Boys in the water

Sangodd, at Orda Candolim
29th June 2013
Candolim Sangodd, essentially a singing onboard Sangodd
They too stop at their traditional stations. Olden days, onboard singing was only by the locals but now a days more than half are the professional Tiatr actors.

Saby De Divar

Benny de Aldona

 Kids singing

Stacy singing (Musicians Agnelo Dias and Mathias Mascarenhas also seen)

Valentina and Violet D’Souz

Com Hortencio Pereira,  Albert Cabral etc

 Heron spotted in the mangrove behind the Sangodd


Video 1 - Assolna Sangodd 2013 - Part I (Short)

Video 2 - Assolna Sangodd Part II (Long)

Video 3 - Orda Candolim Sangodd 2013
With Saby de Divar, Benny de Aldona, Stacy, Valentina, Violet, Jose Mario, Hortencio Pereira etc

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