Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Monte Music Festival 2014 - Violin Recital

Presented by Fundacao Oriente
Old-Goa - 7-9 Feb

Day 3
Maestro Anupriya Deotale Violin (Classical)
with Tabla

The non-stop performance  for about 40 minutes
Reduced to almost half
Include in the Video:
Beautiful scenes or view from the hilltop Chapel
Se cathedral, St. Cajetan Church, St. Agustin ruined Church Tower,
Railway bridge over Mandovi river, Sunset, Sun going down,
Cotton tree / Flowers, Drumsticks, The valley, The moon,
the chapel (1510), Audience etc

You will love it

Here are some pics


Chapel steps uphill




Scenic view from the hill / Chapel

St. Cajetan church, Dome, tower etc

Mandovi River / konkan Railway bridge

Church of St. Francis de Assisi, Se Cathedral, St. Cajetan Church, the river etc

Sunset / St. Agustine Church tower


the Chapel
Our Lady of the Mount

With the audience

Anupriya Deotale
Along with Tabla player

 A view of a bungalow?

Video: Violin recital with scenic view

Pics and video of 2009

Pics of 2009

Including the inside of the Chapel

 Railway Bridge


Churches, river view

 the chapel with the audience

Inside the Chapel

Main Altar

 30 circular Bricks stairs to Choir loft

 Violin cello

courtyard – Bharat Natyam

Video of 2009

More info..

copy and paste from Goanet / The Goan

Monte Music Fest to be organized from February 7 to February 9

The 12th Monte Music Festival 2014 organized by Fundacao Oriente and Cidade
de Goa will be held from February 7, 2014 to Sunday 9,February 2014 at the
Chapel of Our Lady of Mount, Old Goa.

With its inception in 2002 after the restoration of the Chapel which was in
ruins, was undertaken by Fundação Oriente at the request of the then
Government of Goa, the festival has continuously garnered support and
patronage from the music lovers of the state and beyond.

People from all walks of life, with a love for the performing arts, make
their way to the ancient chapel on a hill for the annual pilgrimage. Monte
Music fest organised at one of the most spectacular locations in the state,
Our Lady of Monte Chapel in Old Goa, has raised up the bar for the event.

With performances held inside the old heritage chapel, in the courtyard
with the lovely Chorao and Divar islands and the River Mandovi in view, the
festival begins at dusk and goes on till about 9pm. It has artists from all
over the country coming together to celebrate heritage, music and dance, in
this quaint and rather off-the-tourist-circuit destination.

The Monte Music Festival has had continuous support from the Government of
Goa, Department of Archives and Archaeology; Goa Tourism; Archdiocese of
Goa; Milroc Development Company LLP, and Furtado's Music Store.

The 12th Monte Music Festival 2014 Programme is as follows:

Day 1:   February 7th, Friday

5.45 p.m onwards at Courtyard I

Inaugural Function followed by Indian Bamboo Flute Recital by Shantala
Subramanyam (Chennai)

7.30 p.m - Chapel

Western: Vocal Recital by Soprano Lourdes Martins (Italy) with Camerata
Child's Play India Foundation Chamber Orchestra (Goa)

Day 2:   February 8th, Saturday,

6.00 pm - Courtyard I

Indian Dance: Bharatnatyam Recital by Sharanya Chandran (Delhi)

7.00 pm - Courtyard II

Goan: Mando by Goenchim Kirnnam & Porvorechim Sobit Fulam

8.00 pm - Chapel

Western: The Cecilian Choir (Bangalore)

Day 3: February 9th, Sunday,

6.00 pm - Courtyard I

Indian: Violin Recital by Anupriya Deotale (Delhi)

7.00 pm- Courtyard II

Western: Portuguese Guitar Recital by Franz Schubert Cotta & Siddharth Cotta

8.00 pm - Chapel
Western: Goa University Choir

The performances inside the Chapel will require passes, which can be
collected from Fundacao Oriente during working days/office hours from 3rd
February 2014.

Travel and Parking: To avoid traffic congestion, no parking is allowed at
the venue. A complimentary shuttle service to the venue, sponsored by
Milroc Development Company LLP, will be provided from Gandhi Circle, Old