Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Caju apples, Cashew Nuts, Caju Feni, Urak etc

  In Konkani we call it
KAZ (sing.) and Kazo (Pl.)
Caju, Kazu
Caju apples colour usually yellow, orange and Red

Ok, how to eat cashew apples?
Pluck or buy some ripe cashew apples – see pic 1          
Remove nuts by twisting it either side –  see pic 2/3
Cut its bottoms (Bonk kator) and discard it –See pic 2/3
Slice it vertically into four (bigger size into 8 i.e. 4 vertically and 4 across) – see pic 4
Pinch of table salt to sprinkle – see pic 4
Ready to eat
Residue (after juice extraction) can be thrown out but no harm if eaten or swallowed)
When young we never threw it out. See pic 5
It's important that you cut its bottoms to avoid throat itching.
Do not use juicer to extract juice
Do not eat just before your main meals with curries
1. Cashew apples
2.Bottom cut and nuts removed

4. Cut pieces and salt sprinkled
5. Residue
Nuts /seeds
It can be roasted/baked and then break open the burnt shells to extract the edible cashew nuts.
But you don’t try this at home, it needs extreme care and supervision

More Caju apples

Caju apples on its tree

Caju flowers - Stage 1
Stage 2
with tender nuts, we call it Rinvttam

Stage 3
Bibe Matured

Extracted Bibe for sale

Cashew nuts packet / on a plate

This Lord Ganapati made using 41,000 Cashew nuts

Juice extraction, Niro etc

Place  or platform for juice extraction
We call Kollomb or Konnbi

Depiction at IFFI 2013

I also used cashew leaves to brush my teeth

Caju feni


Carnival float 2015
Caju feni distillation etc

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