Thursday, 12 November 2015

Kor Kantar, Taleigao

Kor Kantar 2015
St. Michael's Parish, Taleigao, Goa
8th November, 2015

With Lorna Cordeiro, Sonia Shirsat, Cielda Pereira, Aniceto Lourenco,  Ester Noronha,
Veeam Braganza, Engelbert Rose, youth of Taleigao etc
Comedy by Com Janet, Selvy and Agostinho
Dance by Cyder and Cinida Dias

Band with Norman Cardozo, Dexter Furtado, Nolvert Cota, Semy Braganza, Theo Alvares,
Antonio, Jonathan Dias etc

Sorry, I was there from 8pm to 9.30pm only, I missed many others.


more pics here..

Engelbert Rose
s/o Alfred Rose

 Host and Hostess
Englebert Rose and Hera Pinto

Lorna Cordeiro

Veeam Braganza

Ester Noronha

 Cielda Pereira

Aniceto and Sonia Shirsat

Com Selvy, Com Janet and Com Agostinho

Ivan Viegas and Shane
Princely, Myron,Twiny Princia, Gracelyn, Elyson, Ninoshka,

 Dances by young Cyder Dias and Cinida Dias


Jonathan Dias, Drummer

Norman Cardozo etc


 Parish Priest and Archbishop
Conceicao D’Silva and Filipe Neri


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