Monday, 17 October 2016

Colva Fama 17.10. 2016

Colva Fama 16.10.17

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October 17, 2016

Colva Fama
Menino Jesus Altar

For Fama Video see below

Holy cords, Bentina

Menino Jesus, infant Jesus

Queuing for infant Jesus kissing, veneration

Over bridge / underpass

Placing of kids on altar, a tradition

Altar for mass

 Main Altar, Our Lady of Merces

The Church facade

 Angouvnn, wax body parts items

Holy cords or bentina sold here

 Free drinking water bottles

Tiatr/VCD flyer

A nun and marigold

Police control room
Feri, fair, balloons

Late set up of stalls due to BRICS restrictions

Chonne, kaddio boddio etc

BRICS Bus Stand shed

 Colva Circle

Video: Colva Fama 17.10.16

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