Thursday, 17 November 2016

Feast of Our Lady of Rosary, Navelim 16.11.16

Please visit here for Nov. 15, 2017 Feast

Feast of Our Lady of Rosary, Navelim, Goa on 16.11.16

In order to save 16 notes of Rs.100 (very limited stock), decided to go by public transport.
Guess what? I arrived there just after the feast mass got over i.e. 11.50pm. I missed feast procession too.  All I got or captured was the feast Brass Band with Cruz de Sanvordem, Abdonio and 5 others (see pic & video)
However, I attended 12 o'clock mass. Pics and clips coming soon

The Church, fa├žade, niche our lady

Main Altar, Our Lady, Ruzai Saibinn

Our  Lady of Fatima

Mass, altar, flowers

People, devotees, Mass

External TV

Our Lady Statue, front side of the Church

Feast Brass band

Choir Master

Cash collecting buckets /. Bowls
Angovnn wax items

Festa feri
Chonne grams
Dos Khajem, Kadio Bodio
Tools, koita, knives hoe spade tava

Giant wheel, cemetery etc

Sausages zone, Cheurisam

Begging zone
Other begging

Bus Stop shed

Rosary High School, buses bal rath, badge
water logging, rained last night
face covered

Feri Water logging, rained last night

Tiatr, Football match etc
com Agostinho AMCHEM NOXIB TEM
Navelim villagers union v/s ICSC Paroda

Video 1 - Feast Band

Video 2 - Feast of Our Lady of Rosary

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