Sunday, 22 January 2012

Feast of Our Lady of Livra Febres, Consua Verna, Goa

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Feast of Our Lady of Livra Febres celebrated today at Consua, Verna Goa
22nd January, 2012
 I remember going to this feast, on foot, all by myself, covering a distance of
about 7-8kms.  I was just about 12 years. I almost lost midway...
See, I was into adventure or discovery trips even at tender age.

Now, by road it is about 5-6 kms via Cuelim, Borsulem, Kumsar

We simply said 'Febri Fest'

Saibinnichem orasao (Hymn, can be heard in the video in the end
soon after the procession/blessing)

Amche ganvchi askarinn tum
Soggleank amkam dovor samballun
Bhesanv ghal ge gorabear
Sonkoxttantlim sodanch nivar

Livra Febres Saibinni
Ami tujim oskot bhurgim
Ghottai di ghe Maie amkam
Tujea dhiran samball sodam
Happy Feast to you all

Some pics
The Church

the Feast Mass / Priests
Main Celebrant Fr. Denis Fernandes (Rector, Rachol Seminary),
Parish Priest Auxemio Monteiro, Fr. Joaquim Fernandes and Fr. Alfred Almeida

inside Church

Main Altar



Our Lady of Livra Febres (ummao or veneration)



Khorem . forem


Khajem, doz, kaddyo-boddyo


assis fernandes said...

Hi Joe
Thanks for this festa coverage.As usual a very good coverage.The (ferry) is very interseting like a mini \bazaar.Hardware tools ,pork sausages,Tammon,items a very few feasts have such displays besides Mapsusa milagres fest.Really enjoyed the video. Fr.Jouaquim Fernandes is the current chaplain of ST.Ritas chappel in Carona/Aldona.

Anonymous said...

Tx dude, wanted to go for the feast, but could not go

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from this village. I am working in Pune and was searching for some photos of the feast. Thanks a million for your post.