Thursday, 5 January 2012

Santo Estêvão (Jua)

We visited St. Estevao on 3rd January 2012 for Xmas Crib.

and I did not know there was a ferry point named Daugin-Tolto

and I did not know there existed a fort in St. Estevao.

I did visit the hillock for The Christ the King Shrine in mid 80s but don't really remember seeing a fort there. No, the fort wasn't built in last 25 years, infact, it was there long before Portuguese came to Goa..

..and while I was at it (on the net), I just discovered there exist a village named Gaundalim near Old Goa with it's own Church (Sao Braz)

So small is our Goa and I think I have not even explored 40% of it so far and I don't think I would ever be able to make it to 50% despite having all the time and money at my disposal.

Ok, over to..
Santo Estêvão (Jua)

The Church (1575)

Daugim or daujim Ferry Wharf

Tolto, the other side (St. Estevam)

Distance between the two jetties

A holy Cross in the woods

Ferryboat at Tolto

A shrine at the jetty


Main Road, Church etc

Church Main door – with two saints


Ave Maria Shrine in front



a house

A river view from the hillock

Christ the King

The Statue of Jesus was brought from Rome in 1926

St. Estevam Fort

at sunset

A view / sunset

Barges, River etc

Video 1 (Ferry, Church etc)

Video 2 (Xmas Crib etc)

More St. Estevao Xmas Crib etc pics here

Video 3 (St. Estevam Fort)


Unknown said...

dear sir,
i go through your blog. the photographs are very good. i want to know about his fort., pl.tell me about location of this fort and how i reach there.
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Unknown said...


thanks for beautiful photographs.
i want to know about this fort at jua.
pl give men some information about his fort and its location and about reaching there.