Thursday, 23 February 2012

Feast of Miraculous Cross 'Piddeam Khuris' Old Goa

Feast of Miraculour Cross (Piddeamcho Khuris) celebrated today 23rd Feb. 2012

At Se Cathedral, Old Goa.

(Usually the feast is celebrated at the Boa Vista Hillock, near bypass road, the church there is now under renovation)

From childhood, we have been hearing of this Miraculous Cross erected by shepherds (Gorvam Bhurge)? which started growing on the hillock and upon which Jesus Christ was appeared – More of it was explained by  Fr. Eremito in his homily (refer Video clip coming soon)

14 priests concelebrated feast mass with Fr. Valerian Vaz as main celebrant, Fr. Ereimito Rebello Rector of Bl. Joseph Vaz Sanctuary, Parish Priest of Se Cathedral Fr. Leonardo Correia, Fr Afonso, Fr. Edward, Fr. Roquie, Fr. Simon, Fr. Alex,  Fr. Eusico, Fr. Valentine, Fr. Aquilio, Fr. Kumar and Fr. Pio

 ‘Pez’ or Canji was served to all from 7 am .

Why ‘Pez’ ?
Pez was the main meal of Bl. Joseph Vaz and also he took care of his patients at the time of epidemic with pez and prayers.

6  big copper pot-ful (moddkio) of Pez cooked and each pot took 3 bucketful of  rice
see pics

Se Cathedral





Concelebrated Mass

Fr. Valeirian Vaz etc


with devotees


Rector of Sanctury of Bl. Joseph Vaz (Become Saint as on 14.1.2015)

Fr. Eremito Rebello

Piddieamcho Furis

below the cross or behind the altar

Lined up for Umao or Veneration

 Inscription on the wall

Received Holy Communion for the first time


It’s ‘Peje’ Time

Meet the people who cooked the ‘Pez’
Kanji or Rice Gruel, watery cooked rice


Each of the 6 copper pots took 3 bucket of these rice

 Silver Bell, no It’s Golden Bell and there are 4 more bells next to it when ringing it gives melodious tone do re me fa sol check for video dtd 14.1.15

 Church of St. Francis de Assisi, Old Goa

A view of St, Augustine Church Tower
With Santa Monica

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Video - The feast Mass, Pez etc
A short tour to 14 altars / Chapels of Se Cathedral also included

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