Saturday, 18 February 2012

Goa Carnival 2012 Panjim floats, Village Khell etc

Section IV

 Village Carnival
Zomnivoile Khell  (Traditional Folk Play)

Carnival Khell Pics

 Opening Chorus

Toddy taper and his girlfriend

Video Folk Play

Carnival floats Parade.. Section III


Bus plunged into the river, at least 7 dead including school kids
Check this video (from Archive)
A bus and  the ferry ramp is shown, where ill-fated bus  straight went into the river where there was no ferry docked at the time.

Some local sources say, the bus break failed while trying to negotiating turn

Of the dead, there were two sisters, their mother picked them up from the school and put them on the bus and left to pick up  her son.

video from archive - The Ramp is seen
  Or visit this blog just created (with the victim pics etc)

Lord, take them into your arms

 In view of above tragedy, Goa government cancelled Panjim Carnival announcement of which  was made around  4.15pm

King Momo parade never started

Other pics (from archive)  of the Carona – Calvim. Aldona Ferry

in this pic, the ramp is seen on the other side

Here are some floats pics - whatever I could capture from the starting point
of the float parade at 5pm (Panjim)

Poder pao-walo

 Kharvi /Nustekan

Mestri ani rebek – Violinist


Half fish half man (Mythology)

Logana Mandop?

Save frogs, save goa ( Divodd /Snakes)

Mor or peacock

Nustem or fish

 ghonn or eagle

Video - Some bits and pieces from the carnival parade streets

Earlier at noon....     Section II

Preparation for Panjim Carnival 2012 in full swing

Last year, preparation sbegins a week in advance but this year due to  Elections Model Code Confusion, it started just 4 days in advance  i.e. from 15th Feb.

 Carnival = Carnaval = Intruz

More added at noon 1.30pm 18.4.12 (floats or street parades starts at around 4pm)

Near Secretariat


Today’s programme

River mandovi River, Bridge, , DB Road, Tata project, Casino mint


 Market area


Earlier/Last night..        Section      I

This year's King Momo is Fernino Goes
Following are some pics and video of the Parade streets, Carnival progame stage and Herald’s Carnival village




Herald’s village –for 2 days (ealier, kingfisher’s village)

Street stalls etc

old GMC

Zebra Crossing closed 36 hrs in advance

Stage set up – PCC

Another Video Clip - Preview, 3 hours before the floats start


Anonymous said...

What time does it start?

Kevin Saldanha said...

As sad as this news of loss of life is, it appears that it is being used as a political pawn in a power play between the Election Commission of India and the local Goan politicians.

Eventually the Election Commission relented and allowed the Carnival to proceed but without the involvement of politicians and political party sponsored floats:

Looks like Kamat has used this incident to make wine of sour grapes.