Thursday, 28 March 2013

Goa Shigmo 2013

Looks like another poorly organised Shigmo, Panjim shigmo 30/3/13.
Last Romtamel to start at the Origin was at 8.15pm About 75 groups in all including Romtamell.
Last main float (Chitrarath) left at the origin at around 10.30pm which mean at Azad Maindan (terminating point) it will reach around 11.45pm
It was to start at 3.30pm but started after 5.30pm as usual

Some pics

Panjim Shigmor 30th March 2013

Flying hanuman

No Shigmo without dhol

Little hanumans

Snake in blue water

Horses, Multi headed Ravan etc

 carnivorous or flesh eating god ?

multi-headed elephant


 Goda-modni folk dance

Crowd at Caculo Island



Bhandora Nagrik Samiti - First Prize  Rs.60,000 (hat-trick)
Kumbharjua Nagrik Samiti - Second Prize 40,000
Adpai Yuvak Sangh - Third Prize 40,000

Video 1 ( Panjim Romtamell -  award winning)
Sanvordem Shigmoutsav Mandal - First Prize Rs.35,000

Video 2  Panjim Shigmo (Main floats / Chitrarath)
All floats included

Video 3 (Top 3 Award winning Floats)

Ponda Shigmo - 27th March 2013

Looks like Ponda shingmo poorly organised despite the shared expertise of Ravi Naik’s group.

Members both men and women with saffron headgears seen loitering in the middle

 Orgainsed by Goverment of Goa, Tourism Dept
in association with Antruz Mahal Shigmoutsav Samiti, Ponda

Started with Minister Sudin, Lavoo Mamledar etc at around 5.30pm

Romtamel started soon after that but at damn slow speed. The first group which started around 5.45 reached the terminating point (City bus stand) just after 8pm.

Last Romtamel group must have started at originating point just after 8pm which was to be followed by the main floats (Chitrarat).

We had to abandoned at 8pm and as such we did not see any of the floats depicting mythological characters

Shigmo ladies




night scene
Standing tall on a hooded snake head

PWD minister, Sudin Davlikar

Some Bhats making money in the name of god and shigmo, year after year

A bull walking the parade street

Subash Chandra Bose

Saffron headgears

Police on guard

Stage Setup

Appeared in Herald dtd 30.3.13

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