Sunday, 17 March 2013

Indian Naval Symphonic Orchestra, Goa

Indian Naval Symphonic Orchestra

Goa Naval Area in Association with Kala Academy
16th March 2013 (day 2), Kala Academy, Goa

Little bit of (video, watch below)
Abba, iffi jetty, Sunset, Goan-konkan Masala, Goa Governor etc
About one doz Clarinets, half a doz Trombone, another half doz Trumpets,
about Dozen Saxophones, half doz Violins plus Guitars, Drums, keyboards etc

Free entertainment (Free passes)  with free refreshment on top with choice of tea / Coffee,
water, Patice, sandwich, Black gateau or cake

It really made my day. Thanks to the organisers.

This was my first time. I missed this event for last 2-3 years though.

Here it is, some clips of second half of the 2nd day


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