Saturday, 11 May 2013

Konkan Fruit Fest 2013 (Margao)

Organised by BSG (Botanical Society of Goa)
in association with BPS Club Margao and MMC, Margao.
At BPS Club, 10 - 12th May 2013

I remember attending Konkan Fruit Festival in the year 2005
Then again in 2008 the fifth festival, 2011, 2012 and now 2013.
However, I think there was a break of about 2 years in between where NO KFF was held
(in the year 2009 & 2010 ? )


Here are some pics

Big fat ponnos


Love apples
Zaam wax fruits

Red chillies


 Xidram / Cidra
Shidram soro

 Passion fruits

Rumddam rumad

Sour sop
Cure Cancer ?

Velvet apples

Fresh Caju apples

Otumba solam

Red Mexican bananas



Fruit wines - Santanse

Desmondji Wines

 Cazulo feni
Coconut and caju fenni

 Mangoes - Xavier, Aphons, Mancurad, Malgesh etc

Yellow coconuts

 Krishi Viyan Kendra, Ela Old Goa

these mancurad Mangoes
Rs. 350 / doz

Flowers and plants

Sold out and out for delivery in a pick-up
With mangoes on the tree

Banner KFF

Video 1 (Photo Show)

Video 2 (A short tour)

 pics and videos of prev. years

 Pics of 2005
Videos of





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