Friday, 24 May 2013

Traditional Ox-driven Oil Mill

Heard about 'Tela Ghanno'  (Oil Mill), also saw it 2-3 times in the museums but  did not have a clue as to how it was actually working until our visit to Bollear, Agonda in Canacona on 23rd May 2013.

The owner of the mill in this tradition for over 50 years.
Busy 7 days a week particularly during April - May, people seen coming here early morning and go home in the evening.
The oil extracted by this traditional method is considered to be pure and good for health.
Average 100 kg copra or khobrem crushed per day
The mill remains closed during monsoon

Ox or bull driven mill that crash copra giving out oil and the by-product is called 'Pendd' (coconut cake), as kids we even ate it.

I remember the noisy Mills that run on diesel power with smoke chimney on the roof top. It was somewhere in the mid 70s it was changed over to Electric power motors.

Some pics

The ox or bull driven mill


way to the mill

Mill hut

 coconut Cake or pendd(i)

Copra – Cutting into pieces, av, 10 per coconut

Oil outlet

filtered Oil

Check this Video:

The modern Electric power run oil mills

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