Friday, 23 January 2015

The Grape Escapade 2015

An annual event of Food and Lifestyle Festival
23 - 26 Jan 2015, Campal next to Kala Academy, Goa
Organised by Goa Tourism, Govt Of Goa

Day 1

Huge crowd on day 1
Some pics


Crowd Dancing

VIP Lounge
Minister Dilip Parulekar,  Chairman Nilesh Cabral
 Next to lounge
Host and Hostess
Alfie and Jessica
kids Dancing
s and a have problem
 Band Crimson Tide
With Ravi, Roy etc
 Grill Chicken etc

Queen Contest day 3

Grape Escapade 2015 Queen - Cassandra Fernandes

Runner up: Rachel Amaral

The Contestants final round

Hosts Alfie Silveira, Ms. Jibby George  and Goa Tourism Director IAS Mr. Ameya Abhyankar
No Ministers or Politician this time due to election code of Conduct (Panaji By-poll)_


Host and hostess

Bollywood Dance Performance The ACE Dance Co.

Band Alcatrazz

Grill Barbeque
The Stalls


Santanse Wines

The Chocolate man’s production

The Crown – goa

Firangi Nawab

The Vineyard Kitchen

The Tonia Group

Chicken man Restaurant

Flavours 24

Hotel AnandAshram

Grover Zampa Vineyard

Myra Vineyards
Off The Wall
Mughlai Munch
Rio Fizzy Wine
Destination One
Phoenix Alcobevz
Flying Dolphin
Champion yatch club
Janet and John’s
Indus Vineyards Liza
O Coqueiro
Hungry Hatz Grill
Sula Vineyards
Big Banyan wines
Ocean King Distilleries
Mercury Winery / Aryaa Wines
Elliots Majorda
Charosa Wineries
Fratelli Wines
Four Seasons
SDU Winery / Deva Wines
Acacia Luxury Hotels
Honda Showroom
Sai Special Gobi Manchurian
Marcou Artifacts
Viva Delhi Caterers
Sandwich King   
Attulem Bittulem
Circus Circus kids play area

Day 4 or last day it was a dry day, so all wine bottles off the shelf.
26th January, Republic day is 'dry day' says a tribunal order

Preparation in full swing
some pics today 23.1.15, 2pm

Stage Set-up

 VIP Lounge


Food / Wine Stalls



Wine bottle, ice cubes bucket, barrels etc



Honda car space

Video 1
Band: Crimson Tide

with kids Dancing

Video 2: A short Tour
with Roy's dancing class in the end

Video 3
Band Alcatrazz
Crowd getting bigger day by day

Video 4
Queen Contest
Queen Contest - Video

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