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3rd Lusofonia Games 2014, Goa

3rd Lusofonia Games, Goa 18-29 Jan. 2014.
Event launched on 10.12.13, Campal, Goa.

National Anthem, Diuli dance, CM Parrikar, Milka Singh, Dy, CM, Sania Mirza singing,
Nelson Mandela, ACOLOP , Theme song, Games Mascot, Sonia Shirsat, Lorna, Fire, Water, Rain, Air,  Air balloon,  balloons, dances, singing, fado, bebdo    etc

Video clips: Main launch Event

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Milkha Singh with Chief Minister Parrikar

Sania Mirza with Dy. CM


Hanging from the air balloon

Shower with flowers

Homage to Nelson Mandela


Football Match at Tilak Maidan, Vasco (20.1.14)

Some pics

Mozambique scores at 85th minute

 Score board

the Stadium – Tilak Maidan, Vasco da Gama

VIDEO: Football Match Clips - Mozambique vs Goa (India)

Beach Volleyball, Miramar (22.1.2014)

Some pics

Beach / bikini volleyball
Portugal vs Angola
Portugal vs Srilanka


The viewing gallery for athletes


The VIPs gallery

 The public gallery


Beach Volleyball court


Difficult to get – Entry pass

A view of the court from outside


Score board

Referee etc

Court boys

Some watching from the Bandodkar Samadhi’s fence

The Samadhi or memorial of Goa’s First Chief Minister

The Beach

Goa Police in Lusofonia attire

The venue


Miramar Circle


Entry gate for public

 Beach view
Video - Beach Volleyball Portugal Vs Srilanka

The New  Peddem Stadium
Table Tennis etc
Peddem multi-purposed stadium
Mapusa Goa

Video - Peddem Stadium




Athletics tracks


Swimming pool


Table Tennis
Lusofonia Games 2014
22.1.14 around 4.30pm


In action




kids playing hockey


External View



The Peddem Chapel
Holy Cross

 Video: Peddem Stadium complex

 'No Camera' policy at Goa Lusofonia Games..
 'No Camera' Policy at Goa Govt owned infrastructures for Lusofonia
games reminds me of Dabolim Airport which is under Military control.
It's not very nice or what could be the reason behind it? By the way,
the modern mobile phones are capable of doing all things that 
compact camera does.  However, there is no restrictions on carrying
such phones (incl smart phones)  no mater how big or large.
Saw many taking photos and video shooting inside the stadium.

I checked the list of prohibited items on Lusofonia Goa website, (above board displayed at every entry point) amongst other things, it also says 'handy-Cam' but does not say 'camera'.
Handycam usually means hand held video shooting camcorder. Nor they had any facility to keep such items e.g. pocket camera  in safe custody, the only option under the circumstances was to go back home disappointed. And I saw some going..
 The indoor stadium
University Complex, Taleigao

 External view


India vs Macao
24.1.14,  4pm

The stadium

TEAM Macau

TEAM India, Goa

 Scores board



The boys, cleaners

Basket with ball

 Video: Indoor Stadium, Taleigao / India vs Macau Match

Athletics Stadium, Bambolim
GMC Complex


NH 17

Panjim KTC Cirle

The Closing day Ceremony
Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, Margao- Goa

Lusofonia Games 2014 - Closing day Ceremony

Some sidelights:
- At the venue, chaos as usual. Policemen shouting only those holding pass be at thea gate, rest stay away.  We did not have pass but somehow managed to gain entry just after 7.35pm
Through a senior policeman who let some people in.
- Inside, the main centre stage and the lawn seem poorly lit, people hardly visible particularly those performing on lawns. Many preferred watching the only giant LCD screen of DD at it was brighter there. Watch video below to see what I mean.
- Seeing speeches after speeches, crowd started shouting (to finish speech..) during Shripad Naik Speech delivery, time was 8pm
- After the speech part was over, when dignitaries started leaving, it was  announced that CM Parrikar to stay back, repeated and third time repeated saying ‘only Chief Minister Parrikar to stay back to felicitate some Goan sports personalities but Sports Minister Tawadkar and Goa Olympic Ass. President MP Shripad Naik also stayed back
-  When a couple dancing to the tune of Spanish song on the main stage, there was another group off-stage (infront, on the lawns and performing to the same tune) African acrobats, people applauding loudly to their acrobatic performance – Whole thing, two in one did not look nice..
- Many people started leaving after 9pm and half of those waited must have waited only for firework display. We left at 9.15pm
- There was no sign of Carnival type floats, don’t know if it was held at 7pm.
-  Hema Sardesai not seen – Don’t know if she performed before 7.30pm or after 9. 20pm

Just found out the event started as early as 5.30pm with Sidhanath Buyao show but we read somewhere that it was to start at 7pm not enough publicity I suppose. We even checked their official website and FB page nor we remember seeing any ads in the local dailies.

My video also did not come out good due to poor lights

Some pics


The Stadium / Spectators / Audience - A section


Vacant section backstage


Poorly lit


Chief Minister Monohar Parrikar

Navy Brass band

Drummers ; Dhol

Church, Temple, Lighthouse etc

 Press / Media people on the ground lawns

 Firework display

Video: Closing Ceremony

The Games Schedule

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