Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cansaulim, Goa

Cansaulim or Cansale
CAC (Cansaulim - Arossim - Cuelim)
South Goa
Famous for Arossim Beach, 3 Kings Feast (Jan. 6) etc

Latest Videos
Cansaulim Church 4.10.16
Newly done roof / ceiling, My Teacher Helia Menezes etc

Cuelim Hilltop view 2.8.16

View from Hilltop - May 2015

New 3 kings way road through the fields - May 2015

Carnival 2015 by CVAC
Cansaulim Villagers Action Committee

Matanhy Saldanha Statue unveiled at Cansaulim Junction

more on the statue unveiling function etc

Video: Some Carols clips
jingling jingling, kuxal Natalam tumkam..
I also like the tapping part of the Mary on little baby Jesus

 This programme organised by Cansaulim Traders Association (CACTA)
At T B Cunha Sports Complex, Cansaulim Market.
On 19th December 2013


Some pics 

Living crib with singing angel


Host and co-host
Russel and Swiston

 Carols singing

a girl on violin



Debbie Fernandes, Russel etc

Band: Music Mania
another video - dancing with the Comperes / Hosts

Video: Gladrin Fernandes (Voice of Goa)

Watch this space for more pics / Videos etc
Of Feast, XMAS cribs

This crib at Costawado


Some of the past Videos from Cansaulim area

3 kings Feast





XMAS cribs from Cansaulim area - 2009
Arossim, Tonttem, Falvado, Cuelim etc

Cribs 2011

Cribs 2012 Arossim, Cuelim etc
crib 2013
 crib 2014

Cuelim hilltop - 2012

Matanhy  Speaking 2008

Matanhy’s last journey

Remo’s Flute Tribute to Matanhy

Dr. Luis Proto Barbosa - Last Journey
EX Chief Minister of Goa
State salute et

Xmas father on bullock cart - 2008

William de Curtorim at Cansaulim – 2008

Trio King – Anthony 2008

Feast at Ozorio Saldanha Mansion, Arossim 2011

Arossim beach during monsoon 2011

Arossim beach April 2013

TB Cunha Sports Complex – Ground 2013

Lorna Live at Cansaulim, TB Cunha Complex - 2011

 Arossim Murder Mystery, The Chaplain, The Rector (Sancoale)
Demand justice  2011

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