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Christmas Cribs 2013, Goa

Ref No. DAC/CS-V/Crib- Compet/13-14 Dated:01/01/2014

Results for Crib Competition organised by Directorate of Art & Culture declared  The Department of Art & Culture Govt. of Goa had organised State level Crib Competition during Christmas in two categories i.e. a) Institution/Group & b) Individual/ Household from 26th to 30th Dec’ 2013 as a part of promotion and preservation of this age old tradition of crib making in Goa. In Institution/Group category 45 groups and in Individual/ Household category 47 individuals participated in crib competition. A panel of three jury members comprising of renowned sculptor, Smt. Verodina De ‘Sousa, Mr. Domnic Cordo lecturer at Goa College of Art, and Mr. Oswald Palha judged the competition.

The result of State level Crib Competition-2013 of both categories is as follows:

Institution/Group Catogory
First Prize: Rs. 15,000/- &certificate Friends of Chicalim, Opp. Chicalim Church, Chicalim.
Second Prize: Rs. 10,000/- &certificate St. Anthony Boys Aggalle, Near St. Anne School, Aggalle, Margao- Goa.
Third Prize: Rs. 7,000/- &certificate Holy Cross Boys,Near Dock Khamamoll, Curchorem, Savordem- Goa.

Five Consolation Prizes of Rs. 5,000/- each & certificate:
1. Junction Boys , Velim, behind St. Francis Xavier’s Cementary, Velim salcete- Goa.
2. Capchin Brothers, St. Francis Assissi Friary Ordofond, Poinguinim- Cancona-Goa.
3. Maxico Boys, Costawaddo, Cansaulim Church, Cansaulim- Goa.
4. Magical Boys of Parrgem Culmorod, Assolna, Salcete- Goa.
5. St. Annes Church club, Ponda- Goa.  

Individual/ Household Catogory
First Prize: Rs. 10,000/- & certificate Mr. Antonio Raymond Rebello, Baixe De- Igreja, Agassaim- Goa
Second Prize: Rs. 7,000/- & certificate Mr. Paul M. D’Souza, Arambol Beach, Arambol …..
Third Prize: Rs. 5,000/- & certificate Mr. Francis Xavier D’ Souza, Valdaris Waddo, near midway store , Marna- Siolim Goa .
five Consolation Prizes of Rs. 3,000/- each & certificate:

1. Ashwin Jhoney Fernandes, Navelim Telaulim ,H.No. 98, 2nd daddio, Salcet- Goa.
2. Darric Dias, Gontamorod, Aquem Bouxo, Naveli Salcet- Goa.
3. Mario Anthony Xavier D’ souza, Piedade vaddo, Arossim- Goa.
4. Vincent De Souza, H. No. 237, Don Joao waddo, Merces- Goa.
 5. Lancio Moraes, H. No. 4/c, 1st pali, Dicarpali, Navelim- Salcete- Goa

The winners will be awarded prizes at a special function organized at Multipurpose hall, Sanskruti Bhavan, Near Income Tax Bldg. Patto Panaji- Goa on Wednesday, 8th January’2014 at 4.00 pm.

Panjim Church, Crib etc


Star of Agassaim, Crib

Tonttem Morod, Cansaulim
Crib castle, palaces, star, pond, fish, fountain etc


XMAS tree


Arossim Bhandar Lake, Cansaulim

St. Claus riding sunny




Monteiro Wado, Utorda


 XMAS trees of different kind
Of chillies etc



Mungul Lake
Near Seraulim, Margao
XMAS father on a canoe boat

Crib, castles reflection in the water

St. Anthony Boys of Agalli, Margao
Fatorda, Nuvem- Gogol Bypass road
Largest crowd puller

XMAS fathers on fishing trip

Replica, cathedral, Palace ??

St. Anthony Boys

 Watch out! Snake’s Territory

a well

Angel Gabriel appears to Mary

Bridge on which people walk


 a cart

2 of the 3 kings

Holy Bible, candles


St. Khuris Boys of Raia
Towards Rachol Seminary

 Castle of glass pieces


Bridge, lighthouse, fish tigur etc

Roof tiles house
Fountain / Spring


Caver boys, Raia
XMAS father in a restaurant

Blue castle



 Father Christmas

 Shell house, Chapel’s replica


Santa Claus hospitalised and on beer drips
Near Khirbhat, Nuvem

A crib with fountain / Sping

Nuvem Church Square

the kings


 Busking Santa

Snow men etc


A crib in the water, with waterfall
Near Siridao bridge

Another Star

Costa wado, Mexico Boys
Castle pond



 3 kings

Red Star

Chicalim Crib

Near Carmel Convent


Castles etc


Reindeer, santa claus etc

Video: Margao, Agalli Boys

Video: Mungul Lake

Video: Utorda, Monteiro ward

Video: Chicalim Crib

Video: Cansaulim, Costa wado

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