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Divar Bonderam 2015 (Malar)

Bonderam 20th Aug 2016
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Organised by St. Mathias Sports Club,
 29th August 2015
Traditional Flags Festival of Malar, Divar Island.
Divar Island has two Bonderam festivals, 2nd one occur a week after the first, usually Saturdays during later half of the August month every year.

Some Pics and videos (Malar)

Bonderam flag march

Brass band


Little fellows

Belsur ward
Garbage, stray dogs, stray cattle, birds, Ruined tower of St. Augustine church etc

Goddar Star
Kunnbi, Xetkar, Kharvi
Tribal dance, fishing, scarecrow,

Amboi Ward – Tarvotti FIRST PRIZE
(Special Tarvotti float Video see below)
Cruise ship, crew members, dancing, Euro, dollar, CDC
Seafarers, seamen, mariners, cook, chef, bartenders, doctors, Deck crew etc

Church Wardo – Viva Sao Joao - SECOND PRIZE
Copel, well, soro, dancing, fruits,

Sky, Rain clouds

Fancy Dress

Stage ; Entrance

Fottash, fotas

Katoddio / Game
Coconut breaking with bamboo stick (blindfolded)
Parade street /route, crowd, raining, umbrellas, wet wet wet

Fence wall sitting


Goa police taking shelter in a house, raining outside

Divar Malar Bonderam flyer


Video 2
(Special Tarvotti float - FIRST Prize award winning)

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