Thursday, 6 August 2015

Goodbye, Joel D'Souza

Joel D'Souza

Died on 5.8.2015

A journalist reporter, photographer, videographer etc of Goa-related issues.

Well known figure in Cyberspace, Goa News Clippings, Goacom, Goanet, flickr (Joel's Goa Pics), facebook (Joel DS) etc

We never met each other yet we were good friends for about 13 years

A true Goan, suddenly gone.

Adieus my friend  Joel

Funeral pics etc



At home with wife, sons etc
Wife Lena, Sons Clive, Carl..

Leaving home

Funeral Brass band

Funeral van

Mass service, Priests Fr Joaquim Loiola Pereira,  Fr. John D'Silva etc
Main Altar, People etc


Cemetery AMFT
Grave, tomb

Church Square

The Church
ASSAGÃO Church: St Cajetan (1826)

Joel's Pics 14.6.2015

Video - Last Journey

Joel DS death was also condoled in the Goa Assembly house today (11.8.15) along with others - a minute silence was observed.


Frederick Noronha said...

Thanks for the lovely and comprehensive coverage with all the pictures.

savika gomes said...

Hi Joe,
Thanks for sharing this photo stream.....
Savika Gomes

Lourdes D'Souza said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures.
Lourdes D'Souza

Xavier Godinho said...

Thanks for sharing both the photos and video. Joel was an excellent person and very close friend to me since 1968 and he will be missed very much.