Sunday, 16 August 2015

Patoienchem Fest at Socorro, August 15, 2015

Socorro Church Square 15.8.2015
Socorro Socio-Art and Cultural Association,
Porvorim, Goa

I arrived late just after 1pm, looks like I missed a lot in the beginning
Once again I did have my share of Goan authentic Xit-Coddi.. (watch video later part)
'Lojek gelelo fuim pejek melo' That's me.


Dance 1

Kunnbi dance, fugddio

Ladies Dance - Watch video
Another video uploaded to facebook - see link below

Songs, Cantaram

Our Lady of Succour (1667) 

Gumot etc

Festive T shirt etc

Church Square

  Fr. Santan Carvalho etc
MLA Rohan Khaunte etc

Solo Dance

 Rohir Naik
Live Konkani Radio via Mobile Apps

It’s Lunch Time
Xit Coddi, Rice, Curry, Pickle, Patoyo, Fole, Pudde, Goddxem etc
All for free (complimentary)

Q for Meals



Check here for facebook video
Dance performance
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