Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cabo de Rama Fort, Goa

Cabo de Rama, fort
Canacoan,  South Goa

About 1.5hr drive from Panjim via Cortalim, Verna, Margao, Navelim, Chinchinim, Assolna, Velim, Betul, ONGC, Cananguinim



Green board

Inside of the fort

fort wall

with stairs

Arabian Sea view from the fort

from other side - left

from  the back – With coconut trees etc

with a lone hut



On top

Plateau (inside the fort)


St. Anthony Church inside the fort (1886)

 Cannon guns

barracks, quarters, prison etc

Canaguinim beach view

 a notice board on a tree

Monkey business down the fort

Oak Tree full of roots

Pics from 2006

Cannon gun

 a view from the fort

Church (1888)

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Alsul - Alentejo said...

We need to preserve this historic gem for our future generations...

greetings from Arronches - Portugal